How To Make Him Fall in Love With You : 31 Ways to Make Him Crazy For You.

Have you ever wondered?

What does it take to make a guy fall in love?

All those women you see being proposed to and guy professing their love, you may marvel, “maybe they have some special powers to make these men crazy”.

You will be surprised to know that it is not superpowers, but simple things that are within your grasp!

So, you have captured the attention of the man of your dreams and now you want him to fall head over heels for you.

Trust me when and tell you that there is no magic potion but easy steps that you can do.

This has nothing to do with your physical attributes, but things that are described as intangibles.

So in this article, you are going to learn tips and tricks that men cannot resist when it comes to making you the one.

Once you learn these simple hacks, you will realize how easy it is to make a guy fall in love with you.

1. Always look Your Best 

Men, in general, are taken over by physical appearance just as women fall in love with words. That is why sometimes you hear them say that it was love at first sight!

Even if they have been in a relationship with their partner for a while, appearance still matters to Men.

The general rule is that if you want a man to fall in love with you, you should always look your best. 

Make sure your hair and clothes are neat and clean and that you are wearing a nice outfit every time you meet him.

It doesn’t mean that you start dressing provocatively or like those Instagram models and show everything to the world. No, that is not the point.

We all look different and have different body types, but we can always improve and look better in our way.

The point is to make sure you look your best and that you dress in a way that makes you feel, confident, comfortable, and good about yourself.

On short spend time on your appearance, learn to dress your body type, go to the gym, change your hairstyle, and take time to put on presentable makeup, smell amazing.

Paying attention to details is very important because it is what he will remember about you when he is away.

To please a man do your best to look as good as you can, no matter where you are going.

It doesn’t have to be so extreme, as long as he can see you spending time on your looks, health, and taking good care of yourself. 

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2. Let Him Make You Laugh

Laughter is a great way to attract someone and it makes you look more desirable and approachable than other women.

Men love when their partner has a sense of humor, so show him yours whenever you are around him.

Don’t go out with a gloomy, unfriendly face when you are out dating. It is important to smile and laugh.

Guys like it when a girl they are interested in has a sense of humor because it makes them feel good and comfortable around you.

Share fun and enjoyable stories. If he tells you something funny, laugh at his jokes. 

This will feed his ego, it will also give him the confirmation almost every man is looking for, and through an impulse, he will feel better about himself.

 He will start to think that every time he is around you, you bring this good feeling to him, so he will want to see you more often and start liking you more.

Having a similar sense of humor is important for a lifelong and warm relationship. 

Remember not to fake laugh at all of his jokes; if he is not funny to you and it feels wrong and obnoxious, then he might not be the right one for you.

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3. Have Patience and Don’t Push Him Too Hard 

Yes, patience is a virtue, so try and exercise it, especially when dating and getting a guy to fall in love with you.

You have to keep in mind that making him fall in love with you will not happen overnight.

It may take weeks, months, or a year, so you need to be patient and consistent. Don’t be overbearing and try to rush things.

Yes, I know that you might be anxious that he might drift away, but pushing it will not work as well.

If you rush this, you might be disappointed, keep that in mind.

Don’t expect him to fall in love or say yes to your advances instantly. Men need time to decide if they are ready to enter into a relationship with you or not.

Be patient and go slow when trying to make a man fall in love with you.

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4. Don’t Lose Hope 

When pursuing the love of a man it is important to stay hopeful and positive.

He may fall in love with you or reject you, just don’t hang all your hopes on getting the result you dream about. 

He has feelings just like you do and none of us have control over our hearts. 

This is part of life that not everyone will fall in love with you. Most times it’s about them and has nothing to do with you.

If this man is not the one for you, there will be another man on the horizon, so don’t let your emotions take over. 

Dating is like a game and should be approached lightly. Yes, be calm about whether he falls head over heels or not.

This will give you confidence!

Losing hope can make you impatient in the quest to trying to win the heart of a man and in life in general.

Yes, make an effort to catch him, but be open to other options if things don’t work out.

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5. Don’t Try to Change Him

 If there is something that men hate it is when women try to change them.

You need to learn to embrace him with all his quirks because he will also do the same with you.

You can’t think that down the road you will break whatever annoying habit he is got. You can never, ever change a man.

Men who are with women who constantly make suggestions for how they could be better tend to close off from them. 

So pay attention to what you are saying or doing. 

If the guy you like is interested in something that you think is stupid, don’t ostracize him for it.

Know that this is something he is deeply passionate about, so just let it be.

You might have a few things that might get on your nerves with this guy, but they should not be deal-breakers. 

If it drives you crazy, he is likely not the one for you.

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6. Take a Genuine Interest in Him

This is one of the simple hacks to get a guy to fall in love with you.

By taking a genuine interest in him, he will automatically become more interested in you.

When you meet up with him, make sure you ask questions and actively listen.

Take opportunities to get involved in things he does. Ask him if he needs help in accomplishing a task.

If he notices that you pay attention to his plans, he will see that you care for him and that you could be a good lifelong partner. 

This will make him like you much more than when you try and convince him how much fun you are.

Nobody likes to be the only one who texts first, so make things more even by you starting half the conversations.

Cute simple messages that make him feel special and get your point across.

7. Listen Don’t Just Talk Incessantly 

You must learn to listen, don’t just talk endlessly about yourself. 

Listen to what your guy has to say!

This not only shows that you are truly interested in him, but it also allows you to learn his likes and dislikes.

Repeat what you understand him to have said to show that you are paying attention.

The more you know him, the easier it becomes to think of other ways to get him interested in you.

Even a man who is normally not talkative will certainly have something to say when it comes to something he is passionate about.

If you keep talking all the time without giving him a chance to express himself, he is likely to be disappointed.

Girls love talking too much and it okay with our friends but not with guys.

If you babble on continuously when you are nervous, find some other way to cope with your nerves.

It is anti-seductive and a sign of selfishness. Making it hard for him to get a word in could lower your chances of him falling in love with you.

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8. Have Something Going On in Your Life  

Men fall in love with women who have something going on in their lives.

So make sure you have something interesting going on with you and he knows you are an independent woman and can live without him.

Having your own life will make him find you more attractive. 

Do the things you enjoy, like fun hobbies, crafts, work, and goals that you are currently working on to achieve. Don’t always want to be under him.

Independence also means not relying on him for everything. If there was something that he was doing for you and he is currently not able to, just do it yourself.

Don’t whine and nag him all the time for the smallest of things. This will make him fall in love with you.

Men don’t like women who are bossy or irrational to develop a relationship. 

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9. Let Him Invest His Time and Energy in You

Allow the man you are interested in to make advances at you. 

If you keep chasing a man, you will come off as desperate. Plus, being always available to him will make him bored. 

If you want a man to fall in love with you, you have to get him to make an effort. Catch his eye and his attention, and let him work a little to win you over. 

Then he will value you more. Men are performance-driven and enjoy the thrill of the chase, always remember that!

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10. Let Your True Nature Shine 

It is important to be yourself and not someone else when it comes to personality and character if you want a guy to fall in love with you.

If you pretend to be someone different from your true self then you are not doing yourself any favors. 

By trying to be someone else you are indicating or suggesting that you are not comfortable with yourself.

Many guys will easily notice and they will quickly become disinterested. 

If you are intelligent and have a high-paying job, don’t dumb yourself down. 

Do you have children? That is worth mentioning. 

If you are a great cook invite him over for dinner and show off your skills.

 Are you great at sport, ask him if he will like to attend a game or work out with you at the gym?

Show him that you have a mind of your own and you have a variety of interests.

This lets him know what a great catch you are. The right guy will love you for who you are, so don’t try and pretend.

Let your control or otherwise freak flag fly. That way he knows what he is getting into from the start.

When a man falls madly in love with you, you want that love to last so be yourself.

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11. Show Confidence

Having a sense of confidence in yourself is important as it will help you to approach him in public.

You are a good person with special qualities, be confident that you are worth being loved. 

Liking yourself makes it easy for him to like you too. This is true in dating and also in other relationships. 

If you love yourself and are confident it shows. Learn to work on things that make you feel insecure and boost your confidence.

Without confidence, you risk being left behind. 

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12. Don’t Be Possessive 

Many women make the mistake of being too possessive of a man before he even admits his love for them.

Possessiveness is not only unattractive but it can be extremely toxic and harmful to both you and your potential partner.

This is not healthy and will not make him fall in love with you. 

Allow him to decide on what is best for him, if you are the one he will choose you. 

13. Don’t Tell Him That You Love Him 

It is never a good idea to tell a man that you love him before he tells you how he feels first. 

 If you tell him that you are in love with him too quickly you deprive him of the opportunity to fall in love with you because men want to win you over. 

If it’s already immediately apparent that you are in love with him, then there is nothing left to conquer. 

You also want to give him time to process his feelings on the subject. So keep it to yourself for a while. 

If you feel like you will explode if you don’t confess your love for him, go and talk to your best friend instead of how you feel.

You can also journal about it. This will help you process your feelings. 

In the early stages of a relationship, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between love and lust. 

So by giving your love time to marinate, you can be 100% sure that it is love before you make yourself vulnerable. 

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14. Make Him Think the Relationship is His Idea

A man needs to think that being in a relationship is his idea, so don’t put pressure on him.

 If he feels that you are trying to force a relationship, he will think you are desperate. So give him space, especially in the early stages of dating. 

This will prevent him from saying that you are moving too fast because it will be his idea, not yours.

15. Make Eye Contact and Expose Your Body to Him 

Research shows that women should expose 40% of their skin to maximize their chances of attracting men. So don’t feel shy and expose your body to him.

So if you get an opportunity to go on date wear clothes that show off your curves and skin.

Another easy way to provoke his sexual tension is intense seductive eye contact.

The eye can communicate a lot of things without using words.

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16. Get Physical With Him. Touch him Seductively

Simple touches like; dusting off his clothes, putting your hand on his shoulder when he is joking, giving him playful punches when making a silly remark.

Research shows that people think you are attractive, nicer, and taller when you touch someone.

He will feel more comfortable with you when you are occasionally touching him because it gives him the idea that he has a chance with you.

17. Engage Him in Intellectual Conversations 

Show your future partner that you can carry out an intelligent conversation with him any time he wants to.

If you have gone on several dates and you want him to fall in love with you. 

Make sure you talk to him about lots of different things and show off your intelligence.

There is nothing hotter than a smart woman with her own opinions and ideas.

So don’t be shy about expressing an opposing opinion, find topics that the two of you thrive on discussing.

In-depth discussions build more trust and increase the willingness to enter into a relationship. 

Keep in mind that opening up and being honest with him can create a bond that he doesn’t have with other women.

18. Share Your Opinion with Him

If he says something you don’t agree with don’t be shy to tell him. No one said you have to have the same opinion as to the man you love.

A man doesn’t want a yes woman, he wants you. Remember that pushing back is not arguing.

 It is simply letting him know that you have an opinion that deserves to be honored.

19. Mirror His Movement

 Research has shown that humans are attracted to people who are similar to them in mannerisms.

 When you are out on a date try to mirror when he laughs, if he sits with his legs crossed you sit with your leg crossed over.

By imitating something as simple as his movements, he will feel connected and this will subconsciously make him more attracted to you. 

20. Let Him Miss You 

Don’t be needed and wanting to spend all 24 hours with him. Having time apart is healthy for couples. 

It gives you each time to do things on your own or spend time with friends and gives you something to talk about when you get back together.

The other thing is that having time apart provides balance in the relationship and it allows both of you to miss each other.

When he misses you, he thinks about you, and his feelings for you deepen. 

21. Be Mysterious 

Men love it when you are a bit unpredictable, which makes them want to know you more.

Use unpredictable behavior, because when a person systematically knows what is going to happen, it is not fun anymore.

 No one wants to be in a boring relationship, and you can avoid that easily by including a deviation.

Give him a lot of attention at one time and then don’t give him any attention the next time. Be a little distant at one moment and then a little close the next.

This will create uncertainty and excitement for him because he is still guessing if he has conquered your heart or not. 

22. Use His Jealousy to Make Him Fight For You 

Make him a little jealous because this makes him feel like he has to fight for you.

Don’t make it that he downright sees you flirting with other men. Just make a situation when he guesses and can see if other men are just friends or hitting on you too.

This kind of feeling makes him very attracted to you because he sees you have value. After all, other men are paying attention to you.

He also thinks that he runs the risk of losing you, which he doesn’t want.

23. You Have to Give, not Just Take

 A man can easily differentiate between a girl who wants something from him and one who cares for him.

Differentiate yourself from the users and gold diggers and let him see you are interested in him for his love and not his money or any other material thing. 

Little gestures always go a long way and when he notices this will make him fall in love with you.

 Learn to do good things to help others too when you know you are not going to get anything in return. He will notice this too and see you as a kind, considerate and kind woman.

24. Trust him, Keep Your Insecurities in Check 

If you have love, you have trust. You cannot have one without the other.

Yes, you might have been hurt in your past relationships, but that does not mean that you lay your insecurities on your new guy. 

You need to learn to trust the guy you with, stop assuming you are the only one who can do something right.

25. Show Him He Can Trust You by Being Loyal  

If you want a man to fall in love with you, you have to be truthful with him starting at the beginning of the relationship.

Honesty is a must if you want a relationship with a man. No one wants to be involved with someone who cannot be trusted.

A man has to think of you as truthful and dependable or he is never going to be attracted to you. 

Men like women who are disciplined and are not pushovers. Behave maturely towards him and be respectful just as you expect him to be courteous towards you.

Have respect for your values and know who you are and stand for that no matter if he tries his best to test your boundaries.

26. Compliment Him Only if He Deserves It  

Make sure to let the guy you are dating know how much you appreciate him, his talents, and the good things he does for you with compliments.

Whenever something positive sprouts up in your brain about how he looks, something witty he says, or something he has done, let him know you appreciate it.

Men love to praise, if you give a man a lot of compliments he will respond positively and fall deeper in love with you.

So don’t forget to compliment him, especially for things he is good at that most other people don’t notice.

27. Show Him You Appreciate Him

Find ways to make him smile, like sticking a love note in his laptop bag, bring him breakfast in bed. 

Text occasionally that you are thinking about him, send him a surprise greeting card in the mail so that he can have tangible proof that you are thinking of him.

Leave a sweet note under his windshield, or put post-it notes on his work desk. 

Think about ways you can make his life easier. Maybe he is super busy, so pick up his dry cleaning or walk his dog.

Maybe he is been stressed lately, so you will fill the bedroom with candles and treat him to an hour-long massage. 

Tell him to thank you for no reason other than him being his wonderful self.

These may seem like little things, but they mean a lot in relationships.

Men love to be surprised just like women do. So don’t forget to surprise him now and then.

You can do something like arranging a candlelight dinner. Get all dressed up for him. A nice picnic, tickets to his favorite game.

 Little gestures of love will make him fall in love with you.

28. Go on Many Adventures as Much as Possible  

Research shows that doing fun and heightened activities with someone you are dating will radically strengthen your mutual connection.

This is because doing activities together gives the illusion that you have known each other for a long time.

So make sure you do many activities and experience different things together.

Things like visiting a new city, paintballing, hiking, bike riding and even working out together at the gym.

 These experiences that release adrenaline will excite him and will make him want you more. 

But, remember to choose a variety of fun activities and don’t the same thing 2 weeks in a row.

29. Make Him Realize How Similar You Are 

Similarities are important in any relationship but don’t feign interest in something just because you know he likes it. Find something both of you love and bring to your attention.

If you know he loves music and you do too, make sure that he realizes that this is something you have in common.

This will give you topics to discuss and things to share with friends on group dates. It also makes his friends like you more because they see you go well together.

Sometimes even similarities in culture can strengthen your bond and make him feel at ease with you.

30. Make Him Happy in Bed 

Good sex life is essential for a good relationship because sex is very important to men.

If you have been dating for a while, at least make sure things are good in the bedroom, and things must stay this way in the future.

It doesn’t mean that you become a freak or a porn star, just make sure you do what he likes and that he is satisfied.

31. Make Him Feel Needed

Men love to be needed, this is an evolutionary thing. 

If you have something that you know that your man will be excellent in, let him do it for you, ask for his help.

Asking him for advice is also a very good strategy to get him to fall for you. 

Not only will you give him purpose, but will also see how nice is to lean on someone else, to rely on him to help you. 

 Just keep in mind that making feel needed doesn’t mean that you suddenly ask for help in everything. 

Masculinity is not just about big muscles and testosterone. It is about treating people well, being chivalrous, and acting honor, and being vulnerable and empathetic. 

So whatever it means to you, let him know that you admire these qualities.

32. Be Supportive of His Interests and Efforts 

One of the foundations of a loving relationship is support. If you show your partner that you are there for him as his biggest cheerleader, he feels great.

If your guy has hobbies or interests, one way to successfully learn how to make a man fall in love with you is to be supportive. 

If he is on a fishing trip, ask what he caught. If he is going to a rock climbing gym, ask how his workout went.

Follow-up questions show that you are paying attention and you are genuinely interested.


I hope you found the tips above very helpful.

We tried to list all the basic things that you need to do to get the guy to fall in love with you.

What you need to understand is that there is not one magical one but a combination of these tips will make you a catch.

Even if you don’t get the guy right now, these tips will prove invaluable in the future.

Don’t forget to leave us a comment down here! We love your feedback.

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